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Improving your professional experience is now at your fingertips.

In an effort to help our members enhance their knowledge on pertinent topics in relation to their professional progression, CA Sri Lanka has introduced online CPD programmes through two online academies. The CPD programmes are carefully selected to challenge, stimulate and inspire you, whilst allowing you to obtain your CPD hours online, for your further progression as a Chartered Accountant.

The number of CPD hours granted for each course is shown at the beginning of the video followed by Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), by which you are required to complete in order to complete your course. The following options are provided to you under the CPD Online Academy;

OPTION 1 – At CA Sri Lanka, we deliver CPD programmes face-to-face to assist our members to develop and enhance their skills and competency. Some of these programmes are now available online to benefit the members who are unable to attend due to various circumstances and 5 courses will be available free-of-charge at this introduction stage of the Online Academy. There after CA member can make the payments online and access their online courses.

OPTION 2 – accountingcpd.net is an online resource for verifiable accounting CPD courses. The courses are published by Nelson Croom, which has been providing progressive courses to accountants and other professionals for over 10 years. Accountingcpd.net makes these courses available to you directly for individual purchase.

Accounting CPD in partnership with CA Sri Lanka has now carefully selected over 150 courses to help our members enhance their knowledge on relevant topics in relation to their progression. This is an additional option we have provided our members to further progress as a Chartered Accountant.

CA members can avail the promotions and negotiated rates by providing a discount code on the site on a regular basis. We recommend that our members navigate the options and opt for either of Option 1 or 2 or even both to commence your online CPD Learning today!

Please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions on how we can improve as well as feedback on the available programmes to kavisha.wilathgamuwa@casrilanka.org

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