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 About Blog

Located across all continents, CA Sri Lanka Members serve a diverse portfolio of clients and employers across multiple locations including in Sri Lanka.

To help our ever increasing number of members enhance their knowledge on pertinent matters in relation to the accounting profession, we at CA Sri Lanka take pleasure in presenting you with this blog, because we believe it is our obligation to ensure our members enjoy lifelong education and training throughout their career.

The blog has been segmented into five areas listed below, to help you enhance your knowledge based on your requirement.

  •  Audit Faculty
  •  Financial Reporting Faculty
  •  IT Faculty
  • Tax Faculty
  • Forensic Accounting Faculty

Having understood that a significant percent of the membership, including young members do not associate with the various societies, associations and chapters established for your benefit, we at CA Sri Lanka has decided to embark on a digital media platform to help you obtain the required knowledge which will enable your progression as a Chartered Accountant.

The blog will be an interesting platform featuring technical updates, guidance and other member related matters to help you stay abreast of the ever-evolving professional landscape.

Welcome to Digital Natives !