This course is designed to provide an understanding of advanced aspects of financial accounting techniques. The main areas discussed in this course are: preparation and presentation of financial statements for limited companies, accounting for groups of companies, mergers and acquisitions and financial statement analysis.

The course is designed to equip students with the knowledge pertaining to operational research techniques that can be used in business and accounting fields. The key topics are: linear programming, decision theory, transportation and assignments, network analysis and inventory analysis.

The objective of this course unit is to develop knowledge and understanding of information management and modern information management technologies in the accountancy profession. The main topics include: an introduction to information systems, modern information technology and information systems development.

The objective of this course unit is to ensure that the students have gained an introductory knowledge of financial management of corporate organizations. Among the topics covered are: introduction to business finance, valuation concepts and working capital management.

This course has been mainly developed focusing on relevant soft skills which will be vital for the professionals for their sustainable career development. Public speaking skills, personal branding and business etiquette and negotiation and conflict resolution skills have been given more thrust at this course with the objective of grooming the aspiring professional graduates with the necessary skills that will add more value to their profession.

This course unit provides students with the basic concepts and theories of marketing management with more practical and specialized knowledge of the application of marketing strategies, planning of marketing programmes and managing the marketing effort with special reference to their application in the Sri Lankan context. The areas covered are introduction to marketing, marketing environment, product strategy, branding, international marketing, marketing communication strategy, marketing segmentation and positioning and strategic marketing planning process.