Main Topics: Optimistic and positive mindset, Stress management and flexibility at work, Collaborative mindset and team working, Building collaborative networks and conflict management, Being proactive and independent, Preforming work under challenges, Idea generation and creativity, Being responsible and time management, Excellence in planning and execution

Main Topics: Importance of  Information Systems, Business Processes and Information Systems, Information Systems and Organizational Strategy, Ethical & Social Issues of Information Systems, IT Infrastructure, Telecommunication Networks, Security in Information Systems, Enterprise Applications, Databases and Information Management, E-commerce: Digital Markets, Digital Goods, Enhancing Decision Making

Main Topics: Introduction to Financial Management, Financial Markets, Time value of money, Valuation of bonds & shares, Risk, Return and basics of portfolio management, Cost of Capital, Capital Structure, Capital budgeting decisions, Working Capital Management, Dividend Policy, Introduction to derivatives

Main Topics: Introduction to Human Resource Management, Major functions of Human Resource Management, Strategic Aspect of Human Resource Management, Recruitment to Induction, Performance Appraisal and Reward Management, Employee Movements, Human Resource Development, Employee Discipline Management and Grievance Handling, Health and Safety at Work, Contemporary Human Resource Management

Main Topics: Regulatory Framework, Governance & Ethics  for Financial Reporting, Sri Lanka Accounting Standards, Preparation of Financial Statements, Analysis and interpretation of financial statements

Main Topics: Business Process, Internal Controls, Fundamentals of Audit & Assurance