Main Topics: Overview of Statistics, Types of and Measurement scales, Descriptive Statistics, Probability, Normal Distribution, Correlation and Regression Analysis, Sample Means and ANOVA, Inferential statistics and Hypothesis Testing, Time Series and Forecasting

Main Topics: Business firms and production decisions, Cost of production, Perfect competition market structure, Monopoly market structure, Monopolistic Competition market structure, Oligopoly market structure, International Trade, Balance of Payment & Exchange rate, Economic & financial crisis

Main Topics: Scope of  marketing management process, Marketing Philosophies, Marketing Environment Analysis, Marketing Information Systems, Consumer Buying Behaviour, Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning, Managing Product and Brands, Pricing Policies and Strategies, Managing Distribution Channels, Managing  Promotional strategies, Formulating and Implementation of Marketing Plan

Main Topics: Introduction to economics, Demand and supply, Elasticity concepts and its applications, Individual consumer behaviour and utility maximization, Indifference curve analysis, Introduction to macroeconomics, National Income, Economic Growth & Development, Aggregate Expenditure, Demand & Supply, The Government & Fiscal Policy, IS – LM Model, Unemployment and Inflation

Main Topics: Introduction to managing organizations, Evolution of Management, Managing social responsibility and ethics, Scanning business environment, Decision making, Managerial planning and goal setting, Designing organizational structure, Managing Human Resource, Creating and managing teams, Understanding and managing individual behaviour, Being an effective leader, Motivating employees, Managing Communication, Monitoring and Controlling, Contemporary issues and challenges in managing organizations